I can’t praise Dr. Walia & his amazing team enough. I found him to be an extremely informative instructor, a technically brilliant dentist and inspiring mentor.

I came to the centre having lost a lot of my clinical confidence & I know my skill level had dropped significantly. Dr.Walia’s guidance and critique helped me regain that confidence and with continuous practice he enabled every student to potentially score nothing lower than an “A”. His practice tests and mock exams prepare you for an exam environment always with infection control in mind.

The centre allows you to work around a busy schedule/family life in a continuously professional environment.

My experience was enhanced by guest lecturers. Dr.Rofos was approachable &a wealth of information.

I use to believe that I could never get through all the exams to be a dentist in Canada. Now I know with the practice & guidance I can and will make it with the help provided by TCCDS. So can everyone who puts in the effort.

I came to Toronto nervous and lacking confidence. I leave more confident, more informed and much more clinically able to see and pass the exams.

As I have said I can’t praise Dr. Walia enough but what also made my whole experience more enjoyable was meeting Bhavna and Dr. Naghman and all the other students @ the centre.

I found a group of friends I hope I stay in contact with throughout all our dental careers. They helped and guided me like family & supported me like friends.

I couldn’t ask for anymore from my whole experience @ TCCDS. Honestly my only regret is that I did not stay longer. I believe that 6 weeks would be the ideal min. amount of time to gain full benefit from all the centre has to offer.

Would I come back...? In a heartbeat…. YES!

Dr. Jo Hyde, University of Manitoba

I would like to thank Dr. Walia and his entire team at TCCDS for playing a great role in helping me gain acceptance at UCSF School of Dentistry. Dr.Walia guided me well  and motivated me during the week long course I attended here. He critiqued my work and helped me work on the minute details ultimately leading to refining of my practical skills. In a week, I felt more confident for the upcoming testing at various dental schools in the US. I made a good decision by coming here, and would like to thank everyone at TCCDS for turning my dream into reality :)

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), School of Dentistry

Dr. Sukeerat Bajwa, CAAPID UCSF
In a journey of education I have been blessed to have great teachers to show the path. For the clinical skill exam I was lucky to get the guidance of Dr Sandeep Walia. I am proud to say that he is one of the great teachers with whom I am associated with. 

His patience and enthusiasm to teach can be seen in all the demonstrations he gave. He takes great care to assess the finer details which are really necessary for the exam. He cannot accept or let you go with the work which is below A++ standard for the skills exam. The positive courage, tips and tricks to crack the exam were invaluable. He is a teacher with lots of patience.

Demos were given many a times and videos were available. The videos helped me to recheck my work again and again. Dr.Walias guidance gave me the ability to correct my mistakes and helped me to improve my work to perfection. 

I only had a month to go for the exam but support I had got from the centre made me feel that I had enough time. The unconditional use of the centre helped me a lot to do more practice than I expected. Other students at the centre were so helpful and kind to share their knowledge. I thank all my friends for supporting me and making me feel the centre as my second home.

A special thanks goes to Bhavna. It was just 4 weeks to go for the exam , I can never forget the day when I called Bhavna, to my surprise she accepted me and made all the necessary arrangements. 

When I landed here I was amazed to see the quality and facilities provided by the centre. I should say this is the best centre I had ever seen. Without Dr Bhavna and Dr Walia my journey in Canada would not have continued further. My heartiest thanks to my teacher Dr. Walia and best wishes for the centre and new aspirants.

NDEB 2014
Dr. Sree Vidya, NDEB ACS
Thank you so much for your guidance and tutelage Dr. Walia. I don't think I could've done without your calming presence and giving me the confidence to do my best. And thank you Bhavna for helping me through my lows and helping keep all our morales high. 

With all my hard work and their belief in me, I have had not one but 2 acceptances out of the 3 bench tests I attempted. I am truly grateful for all that I have gained here, which includes earning a seat in the University of Western Ontario ITD program. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend this centre to anyone who wants to fulfil their goals of getting through this process as soon as possible, while learning tips and techniques which you will carry through the rest of your careers. 

The centre is not only amazing because of Dr. Walia, but also Bhavna, the clean spacious facility, and the rest of the students, all of which equals to a key ingredient for success.

Class of 2017, Schulich Dentistry, UWO London
       ‘’I am very thankful to Dr. Sandeep Walia for his helpful guidance and support. As an instructor, he is well qualified and experienced. Without his personal attention and useful tips in clinical practice and invaluable feedback I could not pass the PLA exam at the University of Western Ontario. Although there are different centers for internationally trained dentists, mentorship by Dr.Walia has been a good experience for me because he has an excellent hands on training ability and is very familiar with the exam process. His precious advice, useful information and guidelines make you feel confident to approach the requirements for the exam. overall to be trained by Dr. Walia is a wonderful choice for Students to clear the exams.''

ITD DDS 2014
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, UWO London
Wouldn't have been able to clear UWO PLA without your guidance Dr. Walia! Sole credit. 

About the centre! I'm so glad I went in! Best decision period. Alright review for the centre. To be specific. 

The equipment: Everything works, there is a lot of space in between so you never feel crowded. Lockers are provided for you to keep your stuff. But to be truthful, the people I met there were so humble and respectful, it wasn’t needed. We left our stuff as is came back everything untouched. 

On that note the people: There are less people than other centres, partially cuz Dr. Walia likes to have a certain amount that he can really work with rather than so many that he can’t give each enough time. Everyone was super helpful and encouraging all the time. That was a big difference for me. 

But it’s always the trainers that take the main role. I’ll say it straight up, I’m envious of Dr. W’s hand skills, the skill and precision that I’ve seen in each and every step of his preps (or even his centre / clinic..) and the organization is something I’d want to achieve someday. He’d show the prep at the station, whenever (or how many ever) times we needed. He wouldn’t be satisfied till it was A++ (Yes that’s not a typo, A+ isn’t enough). He wouldn’t let us look at the section beyond Honors or A+, the rest of the criteria didn’t exist for him and slowly nor for us. That’s what he showed he aimed for and that’s what had to get. Every time I watched him, I took it upon to listen / look more intently every time. Picking up something new each and every single time without fail. He will tell you straight whether it’s good or not. There is no grey areas. He appeared rough to some but for someone like me, that was the kind of critique that was needed, it worked for me. The video’s of the preparations that I watched again an again or the available ideal preps were such great motivators. This is someone I’d like to know for the rest of life. I think I’ll always learn from him. I will credit his wife Bhavna for something as well, I recall making it a point to tell her the AC wasn’t working well and right away she’s like get a fan, I’ll pay you for that. Gloves, I was the ONLY one who needed L or XL gloves, and 3 days after I’d told her, a full set of boxes were available. I won’t forget that she cared enough to ensure that we all had what we needed. 

Again, this was the best decision I made. This is a great facility and Dr. Walia is THE instructor you want.

(Class of 2017, ITD, Schulich Dentistry, UWO London)

"I just started at tccds (tccds.com). I've had training at other centers,were just satisfactory but this one is a whole other level. The degree of professionalism and knowledge base reminds me of an actual school. Dr. Walia is very thorough and very patient. His knowledge base is surprising and he Is very generous with his guidance. He is very direct and straIghtforward and that has taught me a great deal. He even took the time to evaluate where my level of dental skills were before I started with him, which allowed me to focus on my deficIencies. Tccds is above and beyond any clinical training I have experienced in Canada so far."

Dr. S C., Toronto
I did my clinical exam training under the supervision of Dr. Walia. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Dr. Walia is an amazing instructor. He critically evaluated my preparations and pushed me to do my utmost best with every piece. I was able to get the one on one attention I would not have gotten in any other training centers. He always tried to explain things in multiple ways and gave such useful tips which helped me to clear my clinical exam. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have met Dr. Walia and would recommend anyone looking for a solid understanding of dental concepts and for anyone willing to work hard for amazing results.

“the course was very helpful. I learned a lot. Thanks.”


Dr. Sunghwan Cho, Toronto, ON.
“Very well presented, Dr. Walia was excellent and truly wanted to teach and share his knowledge with us. He didn’t hold back at sharing his experience and knowledge. The hands-on component is excellent and second to none.
Thanks for making this available to us. Sincere thanks to Dr. Walia.”

Dr. Aly Adatia, Waterloo, ON.