TCCDS has a vision to prepare, educate, and enhance the skills of internationally trained and Canadian dentists, allowing them to serve their patients and community with confidence and excellence.

We are an Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), PACE Approved state of the art training facility for foreign trained and licensed dentists who aspire to work and succeed in Canada / USA.  We are here to help you succeed, be it in NDEB Direct certification, University entrance exams or any other licensure across North America!  

Hands-on workshops and programs are held on a one-on-one basis to teach clinical modules tested on a majority of the bench exams (Including NDEB ACS Direct certification, US / Canada University Bench Tests).

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Dr. Sundeep Dogra
Dr. VK Sabharwal
BSc, D.D.S. (*Hons.*) Chief Clinical Officer Leixir Lab Group President SADA
Dr. Sumesh Mahajan
B.D.S. , D.D.S. (University of western Ontario)
Dr. Mehboob Singh Sidhu
Dr Vishal Arora
BDS (Hons), D.D.S. (Hons)

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for my good friend Dr Walia.
I have known Sandeep both personally and professionally for over 23years.I have seen him blossom from his early days as a fine young dental student into an astute clinician with a fine eye for perfection and detail. He has always being a tireless advocate for proper dental techniques with an abundant regard for patience and meticulousness. I was thoroughly impressed to see his new state of the art training facility.
He along with his tireless wife has left no stone unturned in giving the wannabe dentists as well as the pros a par excellent hands on dental experience. I would highly recommend his institute to overseas dentists as well as the pros alike who wish to experience Canadian dentistry at its finest while learning the skill sets required to make it successful in the Canadian dental workplace.
I wish Sandeep all the very best in his new venture!

I have heard a lot of speakers and instructors teach the art and science of dentistry the world over in the last decade; however, I have yet to come across one that has the enthusiasm, passion and deep knowledge that Dr. Sandeep Walia has. He is an instructor that you would be lucky to have learned from!

Having personally visited the training centre and seeing first hand, the foreign dentists being trained at the Toronto Centre for Clinical Dental Studies, I highly recommend TCCDS to all foreign trained dentists striving to get licensure or gain admission in North American Dental Schools. This state of the art training facility coaches you in all aspects of tooth preparation as required in various admission processes under the able guidance of Dr. Sandeep Walia. Once there you will feel the passion, dedication and straight forwardness of Dr. Walia. In short the very best education at a reasonable cost by dedicated D.D.S. and staff.

During my 13 years of practising dentistry in Canada , I have not come across a clinician as dedicated to the profession of dentistry as Dr. Sandeep Walia. He has such an enthusiasm and passion to teach. I would highly recommend Dr. Walia's TCCDS for any foreign trained dentist who wishes to practice dentistry in Canada and to learn the dental procedures as well as the written component that is needed to pass the national board exams. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I wish Dr. Sandeep Walia good luck.

I have known Dr Walia for over 5 years now. I have also had an opportunity to hear him speak and moderate at multiple courses/ occasions. I recently had a chance to visit his centre, TCCDS where I was delighted to learn how remarkable and well organized his center and the course was. It is meticulously designed to train foreign Dentists for NDEB Equivalency Process. You will find the support system offered by Dr Walia and his staff to be invaluable as you endeavor the intimidating challenge of applying and passing the NDEB equivalency process. I highly recommend Dr Walia and his team and assure you that under his excellent tutelage not only will you have a comprehensive learning experience but an enjoyable one too.