Frequently asked questions:

You are in process of coming to Canada or have just arrived and are wondering what to do?

For most universities you will need to go through a clinical exam as well as an Interview. That goes for both US and Canada.

For getting licensure in Canada, please click here for a short guide on the process.

What procedures can be asked in clinical exams?

Procedures can range from fixed prosthodontics crowns, bridges to restorative (amalgam, composite prep and restorations), rubber dam, infection control and record keeping.


What do we teach?

Clinical courses for new grads and aspiring dentists. Courses include crowns, bridges, restorations.


What do we offer and why should you choose us?


Our licensed instructors are graduates from Western University. As both have completed the equivalency process in Canada. We understand completely, where you are coming from and what is needed to get you further. Our mission is to make you a better dentist and afford you the skills we have acquired in our quest here. We will strive to provide tutoring, mentorship and guidance to upgrade your skills and caliber.


We offer hands-on guidance, cultivating relaxed atmosphere, small group sizes to minimize distractions and maximize student to mentor ratio. Our fully stocked lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can utilize it as per your own schedule.  We have an excellent track record of our students getting into different universities, across US and Canada and we look forward to assisting you in your endeavours to succeed in North America.



Please email us directly at to get plans and costs customized specifically for you.