Prior Learning Assessment at Western University


The foundation of any centre are the instructors. At TCCDS we have Dr. Sandeep Walia and Dr. Kanwar Singh, both of whom are alumus of Western University after having gone through the PLA. 

Dr. Sandeep Walia, is a former Adjunct Clinical Instructor at University of Western Ontario, with over 20 years of experience. He has trained multiple students for the Prior Learning Assessment of UWO at TCCDS. He has had a success rate of over 75% for students, who have passed and / or been selected in the exam.
Dr. Kanwar Singh is a former student of Dr. Walia, who cleared PLA in the first attempt and completed his DDS from UWO in 2017. He has joined TCCDS as an Instructor, to give back to students.
It’s not just the instructors that make it your choice at TCCDS. TCCDS is a center located in a convenient location by the 427 / Dundas. We don’t allow more than 15 students to join, to ensure a small student : teacher ratio, to maximize instruction time. There are complete videos of preps and restorations for you to watch and practice with. Lastly the center is open all day from 6am to 11pm. Giving you ample time to perfect your techniques.
Who Should Attend?
If you have recieved a call for the PLA at Western University or you would like to get a leg up and start preparing, this is the centre for you. We will work hard to make you a better clinician and help you reach Honors category for each prep and restoration. 

Course Fee: $3500
Dates: Feb 2018. Exact dates TBA. 
Location: 1650 Dundas St. E Mississauga
What is covered:
MODULE I Fixed prosthodontic preps • All Metal crown, PFM crown and Provisional Crown
MODULE II Restorative • Class II & MOD Preps for Amalgam and Composite, Class III AND Class IV, with Onlay / Inlay
MODULE III Restorations • Restorations Class IV build up, Amalgam, Composite Restoration.
MODULE IV: Infection control protocols plus correct chair posture for clinican and patient.