AFK Online Course

TCCDS is now setup to train graduates for the AFK (ASSESSMENT OF FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE) exam.

The course is setup for online learning. Giving you the option of being in a more comfortable environment, convience and a greater ability to concentrate. All this with the biggest advantage. No commuting to and fro from training centres. 

The tentative schedule:

02nd September- Pre-Course Assessment Exam

9th September - Dental Materials and Properties

16th September - Prosthodontics 1

17th September - Prosthodontics 2

23rd September - Prosthodontics 3

24th September - Prosthodontics 4

30th September - Operative Dentistry Part 1

01st October - Operative Dentistry Part 2

07th October- Endodontics Part 1

08th October- Endodontics Part 2

14th October- Periodontology Part 1

15th October- Periodontology Part 2

28th October- Pharmacology 1

29th October- Pharmacology 2

04th November - Pharmacology 3

05th November - Pharmacology 4

11th November - Oral and Dental Radiology

12th November - Implantaology

18th November - Orthodontics Part 1

19th November- Orthodontics Part 2

25th November -Occlusion Part 1

26th November -Occlusion Part 2

02nd December- Oral Surgery Part 1

03rd December- Oral Surgery Part 2

09th December- Oral Pathology Part 1

10th December- Oral Pathology Part 2

16th December- Epidemiology and Dental Literature

17th December- Patient Management

06th January - Basic Sciences

07th January - Basic Sciences

13th January - Basic Sciences

14th January - Basic Sciences

20th January - Mock Exam 1

27th January  Mock Exam 2


Pedodontics will be covered in Operative, Orthodontics and Endodontics

Three Webinars will also be conducted during the course (dates to be announced) Topics:

  • Sterilization and Infection Control,
  • Medical Emergencies in a Dental Office and their Management,
  • Cariology and Fluoride.

29th January till 31st January Online rigorous revision sessions.


Video lectures of all the topics and subjects will available in the group and 24/7 discussion in the group will be encouraged. All study material in the form of ppt, pdf and word format files will be uploaded in the group's file section.


Timings: 11:30 AM EST till 2:00 PM EST

Cost: $2000 

To register: Please email to reserve your spot!

**There is an intial deposit of $1000 with the remaining balance to be paid 3 days prior to the start date.