Our Team

Experience and dedication

Our faculty has a history of outstanding performance, respected in the industry, passionate to lead your education.

Dr. Sandeep Walia 

Dr. Walia has been practicing dentistry for over 19 years. He was one of the very few applicants who were selected at UWO, PLA, and was accepted on his first attempt. His published clinical abstracts in Prosthetic and Restorative Dentistry on patients with ceramic veneers and metal free crowns have earned him a respectable name at Schulich Dentistry and were published in national Canadian journals.

As an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Schulich Dentistry, he applies his experience teaching clinical dentistry and also serves as a member at the UWO Alumni Committee. Beyond his regular duties, Dr. Walia lectures at national and international conventions on various clinical subjects.

He runs a very well established, state of the art dental practice with an in-house team of specialists in Etobicoke, where his focus ranges from cosmetic dentistry to implants and full mouth rehabilitations. His practice portfolio and achievments are highlighted in more detail at:


Furthermore, Dr. Walia trains and evaluates potential candidates before clinical bench exams. His above average skills in precise cutting techniques and preparation of teeth are undoubtfully rare to find. We are sure that under his mentorship your skills and confidence levels will reach new heights.

Dr. Kanwar Singh 

Dr. Kanwar Singh, is a recent graduate of Schulich Medicine and Dentistry, Western University in London, ON. He is a former graduate of Manipal University, India. After arriving in Canada, he completed his Fundamental Exams for NDEB and started preparing for his licensing exams.  He chooses TCCDS to help him in his pursuit for admission and was accepted in Schulich Dentistry on the first attempt. He has now returned as an assistant instructor at TCCDS to help other students in their pursuit of licensing in Canada.