About Us


''Experience the difference in precision and excellence we would add to your skills.''

TCCDS was founded in association with West Metro Dental in 2011, and has moved to a larger facility to provide upscale audio/visual teaching aids along with a state of the art simulation centre to practice on typodonts similar to the ones provided by NDEB and various bench tests conducted by dental schools across North America.

Who Would Benefit?

If you are a foreign trained dentist and are struggling to get the licensure to practice dentistry across North America, then this course will prove to be instrumental in your passing and  is very important for you.

And if you are a new graduate licensed to practice in Canada, the programs at TCCDS are designed according to your needs, and they will help further your skills and confidence to advance your career.


Participants will have the unique opportunity to see and learn close to ideal preps prepared by Dr. Walia. This component is missing in most centres! Since students don't have baseline or ideal preps available that they can compare to, it is one of the primary reasons that students have a false impression regarding their preps and skills.

Our focus is to deliver one-on-one training to impart maximum training benefit to all participants.

Participants will not only have the opportunity to be part of a study club, but will also be mentored by the faculty after licensure to help them add more practical and advanced skills to their portfolio. This includes help finding associateship/ practices among many other related subjects.

An opportunity to get enrolled in an observorship/ internship program (preference given to TCCDS grads).

Advanced training courses will be available for the candidates who get their licensure to further their clinical and communication skills, and help them succeed in the practice of dentistry.

Center has a policy and uses discretion in the selection of candidates for training at the centre, which is limited to 20 students at any given time. 

Please send your application along with a resume to info@tccds.com to ensure your seat!